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Srila Prabhupada laid down the framework for the function of ISKCON, that of desseminating spiritual knowledge throughout the whole world. He did not want his Movement to become a centralized and beaurocratic institution and religion. He directed the GBC NOT to do so, saying that centralizing would "ruin everything". Why then is today's GBC taking on an almost opposite position about centralization?

Our spiritual purity lies not only in following the strict pricip[les of the bhakti-yoga system as laid down by Srila Prabhupada and the previous acaryas, but also in following the express wishes of how ISKCON is to be managed.

See WatchdogBulletin.org for some up to date discussion on this topic.


One of the chief persons trying to centralize ISKCON, worldwide.

Prabhupada was against it. Whys is this man is for it?

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