"These regulative principles are our life, if they are not respected then we fall down from the standard and the whole thing is finished. As GBC you should see the standard is perfectly maintained, and that Deity worship is perfectly done. Then Krsna will give us all protection. Neglecting the principles means neglecting Krsna's order. So you are one of the chief men of this Institution, kindly maintain your behaviour to the standard so that others will follow and the whole thing may go on nicely. It was said about Lord Caitanya: .....prabhu jtcere sikhaya, that is, He per­sonally used to practice Himself the injunctions and then He used to teach others. That is our principle: unless one is a perfectly behaved per­son, he cannot teach others. My only request is that all the GBC mem­bers should be strictly to the standard of life, and see that others are also following them. Then our centers will be well-managed. Kindly do that and advise your co-workers to do that." (SPL to Hayagriva, February 13th, 1972)




The following are comments by individuals, after reading this website:



Wow, if even a fraction of the information you have published is true, which is highly likely, there is a real problem with RPS and the GBC too. I seriously doubt they will lift a finger to do anything, but I admire your courage to publicly present the evidence.

                                                                                                 - SD das (ACBSP)




Some people live from the heart and others are cold and heartless. That's the difference between you and someone like RSwami. I first ran into him in Central Park in '70 and right then and there I could sense he was a schemer. Later he gave an order that I should be tossed in the gutter and the Chicago police told to scoop me up and toss me in the clink. Fortunately Candramuli Sw. and Sunil Madhava gave me a heads up and I made a getaway to Honolulu and from there India. One time in Chicago I saw RSwami show his true colors after Bhakti Caru Maharaja had given a Bhagavatam class and RSwami was very challenging and out and out offensive in his way of asking questions. I wish you all the best, Dasarath Prabhu and I just felt moved to offer this heartfelt vote of confidence.    - S DAS (ACBSP)



Used to be unimaginable . Serving under Srila Prabhupada one knew that all was well. One knew that his supreme father spiritual master would take care of everything. When he left hell broke loose within iskcon. 90% of Srila Prabhupada's disciples vacated iskcon. ie Berkely Montreal Vancouver , Chicago, etc etc ... Seems that Romapada saw ways to earn money in Srila Prabhupada,s iskcon in his absence .People like him don't even believe in karma, perhaps not even God, or how could they become crooks in Srila Prabhupada,s ISKCON ? Maya is so strong the thieves wear robes to collect the laksmi. rascals in robes ..old story, but within Srila Prabhuopada's iskcon the effect is devastating in dwindling temples and devotee's . They are Kali's friends and associates . I have heard that he banned Indradhumya swami from coming into his zone with his so successful festival of India . Despicable behaviour.this Romapada, actually just seeing his face and his robes at New Vrindaban 5 years ago, i was repulsed by him and his false show. How he could be a member of Srila Prabhupada's GBC is unimaginable to me . His smug smile, such an actor, just for power and laksmi should be publically tarred and feathered, and all monies removed. It will most likely come to pass in his next or perhaps this life since no one avoids the repercussions wrong actions. By now we should have ISKCON temples in all major cities in the USA and Canada, but due to criminals like Romapada the advancement of iskcon has been stopped, at least in the USA.                                                                                                  -  SH das (ACBSP)




What about starting a petition to call for a GBC investigation of RS?....along the lines of Change.org etc.   - B das (ACBSP)




My humble suggestion: Rather than risking your very individual and personal journey to Krsna with the catastrophic and devastating action that could potentially be in the category of offensiveness towards another devotee who is dear to Srila Prabhupada (hati-mata offense as Lord Caitanya called it), please consider taking your concerns directly to the devotees involved and seek clarification, or engage in some respectful, open, uplifting dialogue.  - YJ das (RS)


....our reply!


"They unfortunately do not want to communicate at all about this. That is why 21 people including children remain banned from being able to visit their temple. Imagine if you were one of these people, or children. Imagine if they saw NO ONE was willing to speak up for them, stand up to the offenses being made against them. I guess you are not aware of the various fall downs of so many biigger gurus than Romapada in the past. I am sorry to shock you. "



Web site you have put together is very well done. Questions for these bogus leaders - How are you as good as God if you are corrupt? How can you claim to be Brahmana if you are a liar?

                                                                                               - G das (ACBSP)




The signs are there. As Srila Prabhupada himself said if you create a bureaucracy it will gradually become just another mundane institution. Indeed we see that happening.  - D das (ACBSP)






Please take me off your receivers list.  - Sivaram Svami (ACBSP)





"Without the self realized soul at irs head, the institution is high jacked by putanas, there is no wordly arragement that can prevent this from happening.....Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prahupada."                                                         

                                                                                                  - H das (ACBSP)





Unfortunately, Im afraid the corruptions true Iskcon is badly in need of strict reforms and revival in of KC in all areas,,,,,THE GBC HAVE FAILED totally to protect the books of Srila Prabhupada his disciples and his Temples and standards in KC. Now they insult the Indians, they went to get support for in America,,,,Many GBC have to go (get sacked) and a few gurus too - JM das (ACBSP)





Thanks for your bravery in presenting this information. I know it takes a lot of courage. 


This is probably just the tip of the iceberg as the financial dealings of many of the leaders could be suspect and should be scrutinized. The problem is they are in some grand illusion that it is THEIR money as one of them said, "Such and such, wants to control how I spend MY money", after I questioned some of his whimsical and wasteful spending of KRISHNA'S Lakshmi.


Wouldn't it be nice if someone in position would just have a meaningful discussion with you instead of threats and character assassination.

                                                                                                   - D das (ACBSP)  





The following email correspondence just received from one of the faultless congregational devotees, whom he and his family have been unjustly banned from the Phoenix temple. Please note that this devotee is not even initiated, has so much faith and love in Prabhupada, but is getting thie kind of treatment from ISKCON's GBC:


November 21, 2014

Hare Krishna Dasarath Prabhu,


Please accept my humble obeisances.  All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.


It is unfortunate that no one is ISKCON power position is committed to Lord Krishna or Srila Prabhupada. They think they are above Lord Krishna's law and use the names of the Lord Krishna and Guru to preach others things that they don't even believe.  It is hypocrisy. 


The authority structure in ISKCON is so un-democratic such that no person in power even with good intentions is daring to take a step to support Dharma. They preach Lord Krishna's teachings to others but don't follow their own words. You are a senior devotee of Prabhupada and setup multiple temples and served Lord Chaitanya's mission for many decades. In comparison to you, I am nobody and I am not expecting any reaction from the ISKCON management. Religious organizations have become the places where Adharma rules over Dharma, where God is made the servant of the Guru, where Deception wins over Truth, where Kindness and Courtesy have no place and Personal Gain takes priority over Service to others. From little I know, the only organization that comes to my mind is the Catholic Church centuries ago. You are the only one among the tens of thousands of so called devotees that is following the instruction of Lord Krishna to fight against Adharma.


Your humble servant, - SK


....and my response:



Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Wow! You have some powerful realizations, my friend.


I love you very much prabhu. I am so sorry all this politics and selfishness on the part of a few of our ISKCON leaders, is settling around  you and some of the wonderful devotees there in Phoenix. Let's see if this website creates any interest in the "good boys" that are in the GBC, among the temple presidents, and in the sannyasa order who are very much leaders in ISKCON, to do something about this abuse caused by Romapada that has fallen on the Phoenix temple, our congregation, and devotees, and do something about the extreme presence of no accountability in GBC management. It is high time to offer this up to the Founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada, on the 50th anniversary of ISKCON - a corruption-free GBC!

Your friend and servant,
Dasarath das






A very senior sannyasi and old devotee, wrote to me this morning sharing his opinion about our website, asking that what he said not become public. So here is my reply I sent to him:


Please accept my obeisances, Maharaj. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

While I appreciate what you say and more than agree with the premise that as Vaishnavas we should be able to meet and discuss our complaints or grievances, this NA GBC refuses to do that, and offenses get swept under the rug or maybe not even that. I have tried reasonable times without resolution, both for the Indian families I speak of and myself.

And most of all, a GBC without accountability, that itself becomes an instrument of alienation of many devotees from wanting to participate or trust ISKCON. That I believe is the worse choice of options that makes this an only hopeful alternative. Maybe the voices of others will rise up and demand change, for Prabhupada, for his Movement, which I love and you love so dearly.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Your friend and servant,
Dasarath das





   The website certainly does display ISKCON's dirty laundry,  but what are your options when the other members of the GBC just want to sweep this under the rug? This money lending business is a huge deviation from sannyasa dharma. 


Case in point: When Revatinandana Swami told Prabhupada about his idea to publish a cookbook and use the profit from its sales to subsidize his other preaching activities, Srila Prabhupada said he could not handle it that way because it violated sannyasa dharma. He proposed instead that the BBT would handle the business side and give him a royalty based on sales.

With regard to the $90,000 loan to the Brooklyn temple, it was for money owed to NYC for parking violations and taxes. Why taxes? You thought we would not be paying property taxes because of our 501-c-3 status, right? You already know about the bingo hall that was operating within the ISKCON-owned property on Schermerhorn St. but run by an outside organization. For a certain time, there was a different tenant, the Coco Club. The bingo operators were connected to a church, so the tax exempt status was never in jeopardy, but the Coco Club was a commercial enterprise and when Bhakta Rupa, the temple president at the time, informed the gov't. agency of this change, the temple property became taxable. Parking violations in the amount of $18,000 had piled up, and the City was charging us 18% interest on the total amount owed.

Mrgendra prabhu's (our ISKCON lawyer) parents agreed to lend the temple the money to pay off these bills from the City and charge the temple interest at a rate of 12%. After some months of paying the lower rate, 

Romapada Swami came along and offered to pay back Mrgendra's parents and charge the temple 8 .1/4% to be paid back over fifty-four months. The agreement was drawn up by Mr. Lourges, an attorney with offices in Downtown Brooklyn.


It is true that Romapada Swami made loans to his own disciples and charged interest. These loans were for the purpose of purchasing homes for young grhasthas. One  borrower I am sure of, was Urugaya prabhu, but I have been told there were others. I also heard loans were made to the St. Louis and Chicago temples, but I cannot confirm that.


This (ISK)-con man will stoop to anything to have his way. 

Romapada Swami deserves whatever backlash he gets for his mafia-style antics.                                             

                                                                                  -  from un-named source 





Thank you for the web-site on Romapada Maharaja. I have not looked at it yet. In terms of the announcement letter that accompanies it we can just comment that it seems pretty Krsna-consciousness to us. Your general mood seems to be "reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all".


Personally and I have always found a good platform is Canakhya Pandita's advice that it is better to have a wise-man for an enemy than a fool for a friend, so others may be grateful for criticism that they receive also.

                                                                              -  ISKCON Sannyasi (ACBSP)                  




Thanks for this quick reply. It does not appear too clear how the issues mentioned could possibly be the cause of such response. 

The so called "crimes" of Dr Misra appear as at worst some kind of misunderstanding. The present punishment does not seem to fit the crime. Not at all. There simply HAS TO BE something else underneath all of this. But this is not even hinted at here.
Why the GBC and TP would respond so is too too mysterious. At least to me. His removal from the scene MUST involve SOMETHING else besides what is explained as the cause of all this.

Likewise banning all who might have supported his efforts in court. It all simply stinks of something  else. Usually when a person is treated in this fashion - it is  because they are or threaten to become a serious "THREAT" to the PTB and especially as it pertains to these authorities' good standing with  local laws.

I cannot imagine it otherwise. In short - HE MUST KNOW SOMETHING that they do not wish to risk him speaking of within earshot of the temple.

I wanted to say also that it would appear that the PTB in this situation must have adjusted things there within their financial records in such a way that they see their position as impregnable and indeed that could very well be the case. Otherwise I doubt very much that they would have proceeded to ban the dissident group. If there was no chicanery-they would have openly proved that and the concerns of the few would have been alleviated. Resorting to banning however - at least to me then - is evidence that they are guilty BUT that they are quite confident that whatever they have done - they were able to conceal it and neither fear discovery or want to co-exist with the dissidents, whose very presence will act as a constantly nagging, ever present challenge to their legitimacy. If they thought for a second that banning this group would actually speed up discovery and/or its consequences, the rational move would not have been banning their accusers. It would seem far more rational that they would seek ANYTHING but further antagonizing them! Choozing to ban then appears to me to indicate they consider their present position unassailable.

                                                                                              - PG das (ACBSP)





"Visualize a GBC without corrption, and you have a powerful Movement authorized and empowered by the previous acaryas."

                                                                                                       - R. dasi






"Obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I have found the information re. Romapad quite shocking and have just shared a link to your website on my FB page, for what it is worth. Keep up the good work.

                                                                                                - V. das (ACBSP)






Hare Krsna. Appreciate the excellent job you are doing. In 'karmi'-land' these villains would have been called to justice 

years ago. They must think they are invincible.

                                                                                                - S. das (ACBSP)





In the 90's he had his disciples sell food at food fares and he kept the money. Everyone in NY temples knows he's been doing business for years, so what else is news? I also heard that this Swami loans money to devotees with interest; so what kind of swami is this? I thought the guru said a swami is not to deal in pounds and shillings and that's all this so-called swami does!

                                                                                                                - L.S.L.







From what I have heard about this person Romapada, he may very well be the "Bernard Madoff" of ISKCON. Because he assumably lies too much, it is doubtful that you can get a staright and honest answer from him. Pride coupled with unaccountability is such an evil thing. Anyone ever asked for his social security number?


                                                                                       - Bhakta Joeseph, N.Y.





I also feel strongly that impersonalism is overtaking especially our NAGBC who are now commandeering the whole GBC, so called professional management. This last year it seems many many have been affected. The odd thing is the one sided nature of it all.

There are some who either have done bad things or horrendous
almost unspeakable things, and at best got a little slap on the wrist, only to snap back into a power position. I would be the first to agree and comment, that things that are wrong should be corrected, and Srila Prabhupad repeatedly said, misunderstandings are always two sided.
The ruling part feels they can do no wrong and that they are judge, jury, and executionary. They choose humiliation as a power tool, selectively. In all cases, we need spiritual "internal reform" and this can only happen with compassion. On the other hand, as you mention, some people in the power position feel they can, in the end "do no wrong", and they always come up, sadly, steering the ship.


                                                                                       - T. das (ACBSP)






Hari Bol Prabhu, My obeisances to you and your good work for Prabhupada's mission. I support you and your efforts in standing for truth and transparency in leadership. Hope we can be together soon for kirtan.
                                                                                     - D. das (ACBSP)




AUGUST, 2015



"A devotee should have intelligence to know who is deviating.
Surrender by your intelligence but don’t surrender your intelligence.” (SP to Bali Mardana, 1974)

"NOTHING should be accepted BLINDLY; everything should be accepted with care and with caution.
The TRUTH should be spoken in a straight-foward way, so that others will understand actually what the facts are.
Although sometimes the truth is unpalatable, one should not refrain from speaking it." (B.G.10.4-5 Purport)