Co-conspirators in the NA GBC EC scandal regarding the ISKCON Phoenix temple / GBC Dishonesty, deception, and mismanagement has plagued this temple since the beginning of their errant diplomacy, and a sincere congregation, once harmonious, remains divided over  the corruption, for almost a decade, and 25 Indian body devotees, including women and children, remain banned.



As covered in detail in the website, (and you will be amazed) it appears that ROMAPADA SWAMI is not working alone in promoting corruption in GBC management.


He is especially flanked by another person (BADRINARAYAN das now-Swami), who like Romapada Swami, has also been caught in so many lies, and who continues to defy the principle of "purity is the force" in ISKCON's highest management level. Together they call themsleves the North American GBC executive committee, while actually making a mockery of ISKCON and the level of honest committment expected in GBC management.


While not representing very well, the principles of pure GBC leadership Srila Prabhupada demanded of those in that service, what they DO actually appear to be good at "executing", and even enjoy doing, is infliciting suffering on innocent devotees, simutaneously distracting the attention to their own misdeeds, mismanagement, and inconsistencies in proper Vaishnava humility and behavior.  We have too often seen in ISKCON's history, persons who were in GBC and/or guru positions, succumbing to this type of arrogence and pride, which only later begot their fall.


What ultimate reward BS might get for his power-play-politics, is only the reputation that accompanies such deviations. Sociopaths by definition, always think that they are gaining something in the realm of name and fame, but actually, they simply become deluded by their own false prestiege and foolishness. Being displaced by maya, and thinking that he is above the law of ISKCON, must be weighing heavily on his back. Unfortunately, accountability in GBC management is so far, a non-invention or fairy tale.




These devotees can still, however, become purified. But it is not by pretending to be in a position they are not qualified for. Simply by their dishonesty they are automatically disqualified to be a genuine GBC member or guru. These are not baseless accusations of the two in discussion, as there are many substantiating articles and evidence posted in the newsletters of the WDB website.


Purification only comes, when one acts without false ego, and shows others that one carries the all-important verse and teaching of Sriman Mahaprabhu around their neck like a garland of flowers...trin adapi sunicena. Are they not supposed to be, nothing more than the servant, of the servant, of the servant?


It is time to put the love and trust principle back in ISKCON, by removing these so-called leaders, whose very words and actions are all about disfiguring the pure ideals as established and cared about by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON's Founder-Acarya.


Love and trust will again rule this Movement, once the GBC opens their door for real rectification and accountability, and caring about, not cutting off, the voices of those devotees and godbrothers, who themselves care enough about ISKCON and its future of being the pure force of bhakti, by speaking up against what they perceive are deviations.